How to use your new email signature?

How to use your new email signature?

April 18, 2019 email 1

An email signature shows up at the bottom of your outgoing emails. It might include anything from just your name and title or a funny quote to helpful information such as your website URL or phone number. Signatures are not required and can be deleted, but they often provide useful information for the recipient. *Not all email clients or email providers will be compatible with our email signature. We did our best to use the most compatible and simple method to allow for the most compatible email signature.

As a part of Actor Central’s Premium subscription level, you may have received an email along with an email signature ready for use in most email clients or email providers. Here are some instructions on how to put your email signature to good use.

STAY TUNED – More instructions are being added regularly. If you don’t see your email provider or email client listed, check back soon.

How to Insert HTML Signature in Gmail

Sometimes there may be a need to insert Gmail HTML signature and if that is the case, how would you do it? The good thing is that it is not a difficult task at all as it can be done in just a few steps. However, it is important that you learn how to insert an HTML signature in Gmail in order to be successful in doing it. This will show you steps to insert an HTML signature in Gmail.

In order to insert HTML signature in Gmail, you have to follow some few steps as highlighted below.

  • Open the email you received from
  • Using your cursor you will need to select your entire email signature, then use CTRL+C to copy.
  • Open your Gmail settings and go to the signature section and then to Edit and then paste the Gmail email signature HTML you stored in clipboard earlier and then click on “Save Changes” located below the signature edit box. Note that you can find all these in the General tab in settings
gmail email signature html

As seen above, Gmail inserts HTML signature is easy and straightforward. If you run into a problem during the process, it could be a minor mistake so you may need to go over the process again to get it right. If you’re still having troubles getting this installed please contact our support

How to Add an Email Signature in Mail App on Android

The easiest way to install an email signature on a mobile device is to send yourself an empty email with the email signature at the bottom, copy the email signature and paste it into your email signature settings in the app.

Step 1: Forward the email we sent you (with your new email signature) to the email account that is set up on your Android device.

Step 2: Open the email on your Android device, highlight the entire email signature, then press the Copy button at the top of the screen.

Step 3: Open the native Mail App on your Android device. In the top right, press the menu button with the 3 dots, then press Settings.

Mail App Android Email Signature

Step 4: In the Settings menu, select General Settings.

Mail App Android Email Signature

Step 5: In the General Settings menu, ensure that Use signature is ticked and then go into Signature.

Mail App Android Email Signature

Step 6: Remove any text that is currently in the signature text area. Press and hold over the email signature text area until a pop-up box comes up and then Paste the new signature in there. Once done, press Save.

Mail App Android Email Signature

Step 7: Your new email signature is now installed! Test it out by composing a new email to make sure it looks correct.

Lost Email

Looking for your email signature? Use the button below to get the email resent to you.

Resend Email Signature Email


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